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Indoor gardening allows you to grow fresh herbs, ready whenever you need them.  Instead of spending $4.00 at the market for a few sprigs of basil, you can have a constant supply of fresh basil right in your own home.

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Lucky Bamboo

Bonsai Lucky Bamboo
5 Stalk Curly

Height is 8 inches to 12 inches. The Dracaena plant that resembles bamboo. * In China, the tree is believed to bring good fortune. Often Used in Feng Shui to improve positive energy in a room. It's easy to grow; thrives in all light conditions.

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Indoor gardening is a great activity for the whole family. There are many different routes that an indoor gardener can take.  Some indoor gardeners prefer to grow their own herbs or vegetables.  They find this a cost-effective alternative to buying herbs and vegetables at the grocery store.

Others may enjoy the art of bonsai.  Growing and shaping a bonsai tree can be a great and rewarding hobby.  Some people find that shaping their bonsai tree is a great way to relax and unwind.

When starting an indoor garden it is a good idea to decide what type of plant or plants you would like to grow.  Some constraints you might have to consider before choosing are:

  • The amount of room available for your indoor garden. Are you starting out in a small kitchen window sill, or do you have more room available near a larger indoor window.

  • The amount of sunlight available in your planting location. If you location has only a short exposure to the daytime sunlight, it would be worth considering an indoor garden that has indoor gardening lights.

  • If you are growing herbs or vegetables, how many different varieties of herbs or vegetables are you interested in starting with? It might be better, especially if your indoor garden will start out small, to grow just a couple of varieties of herbs or vegetables. As you become more experienced in growing, and are interested in growing new and exciting varieties you can add to your garden or find another location.

When starting your new garden, you have several options to consider for your planting medium. With indoor container gardening, you can re-use old containers (ie plastic jars, or tubs) for your plantings. Another option is to purchase a indoor garden kit. Many of these kits contain all the beginning gardener needs to start growing.

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